Love in Action: The Dera Eye Camp

A black-and-white photographic book, Love in Action documents every aspect of the 22nd Eye Camp held at Dera Beas in 1989. More than 6,000 patients were treated for cataract and other eye diseases during the camp without regard for religion, caste, colour or other social distinctions.

All medical treatment, board, lodging and after-care were provided to every patient, free of charge. The book covers the concern and compassion of the Master for the patients and the love and devotion and high standard of organization and discipline of the doctors and more than 7,000 sevadars.

The book also provides information about the medical, technical and humanitarian significance of the camps. It is truly a story of dedication, selfless service and self-sacrifice.

The Dera Eye Camp

The Dera Eye Camp Video (44 min.)
22nd Dera Eye Camp, November 1989

In India, there is a large number of people who are blind due to cataracts which, in most cases, can be cured by a simple operation. In 1965, Maharaj Charan Singh started the first Eye Camp to help those suffering from cataracts who did not have access to medical treatment. In the 24 years that the Eye Camps were held, from 1965 to 1989, almost 59,000 people were operated on successfully. The Radha Soami Trust Beas covered the entire cost of the camps. This documentary is the story of love and compassion that motivated 7,000 sevadars to donate their time to serve nearly 6,000 people, mostly elderly and destitute, regardless of caste, religion, colour or other social distinctions.